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The Director-General (NCWD), Hon.Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir has stated that the formation of the NCWD committee on infrastructural revitalization was to pull together highly spirited Nigerian women to help the cause of women in Nigeria.
She made this statement recently in her board room during the inauguration ceremony of the NCWD committee on infrastructural revitalization where Nigerian women who have excelled in the protection of women and girls were carefully selected and inaugurated.
The DG, who was bothered that an edifice that was admired by so many young girls and represented the Nigeria’s women pride and struggle for empowerment was in a state of total dilapidation. This was due to wear and tear over the past 30 years of the Centre’s existence with poor maintenance culture and poor budgetary allocation. According to her, “upon assumption of office, l was shocked to meet a National Centre for Women Development that the facilities were at various stages of disrepairs, equipment ran down with high cost of maintenance, she stated”.
The elated NCWD boss reiterated that she was not deterred with the dilapidated state of the edifice rather sees a gold mine which is in accordance with her vision of restructuring, repositioning and rebranding of the Centre. Further, she was emphatic that is an opportunity to strengthen women’s work and progress in order to contribute to the national sustainable development. According to her,” it was based on this premise to diversified ingenious ways to kick start the process of revitalization of the NCWD that l swung into action to renovate and rehabilitate the Day Care Centre that was locked up for several years and the Guest house which is still undergoing renovation, she asserted”. Noting that the work left undone is enormous as in the last 30 years of the Centre’s existence, no significant repairs have been done, the Director-General stated that the absence of a dedicated training infrastructure has imparted negatively on the operations of the Centre. Having recognised the fact that she and the management cannot do the much needed facelift of the Centre, the DG extended invitations to Nigerian women and men to be part of the ground breaking committee to restore the lost glory and vision of the founding mothers and fathers of the Centre.
She then, charge the committee with the mandate to upgrade and ensure the facelift of the NCWD facilities as it befits the national monument which serves as the rallying point for Nigerian women. The committee will be chaired by Chief Mrs. Moji Makanjuola while the DG, NCWD will co-chair.
Speaking on behalf of the committee, the Chairman, Chief Mrs Moji Makanjuola in her acceptance speech said that the 30years NCWD that was conceived and built under the supervision of the late amazon, Dr. Mrs Maryan Babangida will remain a legacy to over 100million Nigeria women who don’t have voices and millions of unpowered or even disempowered sisters in Nigeria.
She therefore, called on her committee members to see their roles as a huge debt to mankind and womanhood. She urged them to endeavour to do their best as the face of poverty in Nigeria is that of women.
Earlier in his welcome address, the Director of Estate, Mr Ben Agada was filled with joy that the much-needed facelift of the Centre is becoming a reality before his very own eyes. He thanked the DG for the initiative to assemble these women of great repute to see to the infrastructural revitalization of the Centre.
The highlights of the event were the showcase of the historical activities of the Centre by the Director of the ICT department, Mr Morrison Udobong and a group photograph by the committee with the management staff. Ibrahim l Nassir
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
30th June 2022

The National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) has empowered over 80 young Nigerian women on ICT and Mechatronics training. This training is to bridge the gender technological gap through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship as envisioned by the father of the Nation, President Muhammed Buhari in lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10years.
Delivering her address recently in the closing ceremony being organised by the Centre’s ICT department, the Director-General, Hon. Dr. Vilita Asabe Bashir stated that the theme of the program was carefully chosen to emphasized the dearth of knowledge of STEM and the urgent need to gender mainstream technological activities in order to harness the potentials offered by the study of science, technology and innovation towards ensuring that SDG’s are realized as girls risk being left outside the labour force or trapped in vulnerability or low quality employment due to lack of ICT skills.
The elated NCWD boss made bold to state that in the course of implementing this program, it has challenged the stereotype, fought gender bias and broadened the perception of the young Nigerian women to learn, develop and boldly utilize the acquired skills in improving their situation.
She expressed her confidence that the new crop of female technicians being launched into the service and manufacturing sector will break the gender barriers and provide excellent, affordable and productive services as they are economically empowered.
Reiterating that this program is on the recognition that Nigerian women’s economic empowerment is the first step to their financial freedom, the DG noted that the training is structured to give the beneficiaries the desired voice and confidence to cope in a very competitive environment and believed that the provided skilled and balanced workforce will provide economic opportunities to women and girls that formed more that 55% of the country’s population. Further, she noted that empowering the Nigerian women will scale up small-scale economic activities and provide employments. Dr. Bashir charge the grandaunts who were exposed to various skills in ICTs, mechanical designs/development, artificial intelligence ,machine learning & car engine manufacturing to tap into the opportunities that exist in these sectors while she assures them that the Centre will continue to support them technically until they have fully actualized their dreams.
She urged the graduates to avail themselves the financial inclusion seminar that will dwell on how they can access start-up funds from CBN and BOI while the DG seized the opportunity to call on other relevant agencies/corporate bodies with similar funding opportunities to assist these young Nigerian women with the needed funds in their chosen careers.
Earlier in his address, Mr. Morrison Udobong- head of the ICT department expressed his believe that with these vistas of new possibilities as a result of these trainings, will play a major role in all aspect of life and transformed the way we live, work and interact. He urged them to practice what they have learnt and share the knowledge with others in their states having being a participant in the trainer’s program. According to him, “gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom and sharing it is the first to humanity, he asserted”. In her response on behalf of the class, Miss Nwamaka Ajanwachukwu thanked President Muhammed Buhari for giving Nigerian women this opportunity to improve their lives economically and assured the DG that they will put to use the benefits of their training to help other women, who are not privileged to participate in this program.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 11/11/2021

The Director-General, National Centre for Women Development, Hon.Dr. AsabeVilita Bashir has charged Nigerians to galvanize actions to end gender-based violence in the country. She gave this charge today at the commemoration of 16 days of Activism at the Government secondary school,wuse zone 3, Abuja where Nigeria joins the rest of the globe to raise awareness, galvanize advocacy effort and share knowledge on GBV with theme ”ORANGE THE WORLD:END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN NOW”.
Reiterating the NCWD’s mandate as a gender research, training and documentation centre established in 1992 where all issues, concerns and situation of Nigerian women and girl-child are housed, she added that the Centre is networking nationally and internationally to complement other players within the gender sphere.
The NCWD Boss noted that this year’s theme, Orange the world: stop violence against the women calls for actions on numerous reports of increasing number of cases of gender based violence (GBV) in Nigeria coupled with measures meant to stem the spread of COVID-19 by restricting movement that aggravated GBV and limit girls’ access to quality education. Dr. Bashir added that this action necessitated the Centre’s commitment in eliminating all forms of GBV with its sensitization program in schools in FCT.
Earlier in his welcome address, the Director in charge of planning, research and statistic, Mr. Emmanuel Onilearo commended the Director-General, Hon. Dr.AsabeVilita Bashir for showing sterling leadership in ensuring that the programme was a huge success. He further thanked the management and NCWD family for their wonderful support during the 2021 global awareness on GBV tagged 16 days of activism against gender based violence which is annually celebrated from November 25th to December 10th.
In her vote of thanks, the deputy director in the department, Mrs. IjeomaDuru express profound appreciation to the DG, management staff, selected schools and the host school for their magnanimity in supporting this year’s annual event.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 11/11/2021

The Director-General, National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Hon.Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir has said that the Centre is committed to deliver on its mandate with the training of over 130 young Nigerian girls in male dominated fields like tiling and masonry, air-condition and refrigerator, generator repairs, electrical works, plumbing and piping. These trainings has put the country on the global map of addressing increasing issues of female neglect.
She reiterated this commitment at the graduation ceremony of 2021 NCWD residential female artisanship program recently held at the arts and craft building in the Centre.
Dr Bashir was very thankful to the father of the nation, President Muhammad Buhari for his fatherly support for women’s economic empowerment and commended him for the prompt release of budgetary provision for this project. She further disclosed that the Centre since 2016 has designed a robust capacity building and empowerment training programme under its female economic empowerment training (FEET) which is hinged on the training of small scale non-traditional household economic activities which recognizes the changing needs of women and young girls from traditional vocational skills to the male dominated sphere with the sole aim of increasing economic base for Nigerian women.
‘The idea of this training is to empower female youths as skilled workers in the construction sector with a competitive edge over their male counterparts and to provide the driving force to help other young women in starting small scale economic activities that will absorb female workforce in their communities, she stated. Adding that the Centre has vigorously pursue programs aimed at upholding and promoting high intellectual practices in the area of women and gender development on the recognition that women’s economic empowerment is the first step to freedom, a voice and confidence to cope in a very competitive environment in order to stay afloat. According to her, “by this, NCWD is contributing to raise a viable and skilled workforce to meet the challenges of employment in Nigeria.
Delivering her welcome address, the director in charge of training, Mrs.EbiEmezue stated that these programs are geared towards job creation especially in STEM, engagement of women in economic activities and wealth creation, thereby contributing to Mr. President’s nine point agenda of bringing 100million Nigerians out of poverty.
According to her,” it is heart-warming to note that over two weeks, the beneficiaries came here with lots of expectations and fears, but we thank God that today, we are proud to present to you a crops of confident, well groomed, outstanding, great young female artisans ready to change the stereotypes around the ability of females to do well in non-traditional trades.
In her vote of thanks on behalf ofall trainees of 2021 female artisanship program, MissUfoma, who graduated from the plumping class, thanked President Muhammed Buhari for his passionate believe in Nigerian women and assured the Director-General of the Centre, Hon. Dr.AsabeVilita Bashir that they will not disappoint her for giving them the rare opportunity to turn their lives around with these trainings.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 11/11/2021

In realization of the Centre’s mandate on ICT trainings for Nigerian women/girls with disability, the Director-General, National Center for Women Development, Hon.(Dr) AsabeVilita Bashir stated that ICT remains a catalyst for change in working conditions, handling and exchanging of information, teaching method, learning approaches, scientific research and in accessing information. The DG made this declaration today at the closing ceremony of a 5 day ICT and Entrepreneurship training at the Centre where 65participants consisting of thirty (30) blinds and thirty-five (35) deaf&hard of hearing were trained on the use of ICT and Entrepreneurship.
The elated Director General stated that the trainings have exposed the 65 participants to various information and communication technologies applications, tools and techniques with the potentials to improving and enhancing their social, cultural, political and their economic well-being while noting that the empowerment of Nigerian women remains a critical focus in the realization of the Centre’s mandate as well as the improvement of the women’s lives especially the rural dwellers through such sustainable developmental programs, so they become productive and self-reliant.
According to her,”this trainer’s program is a testament to the fact that NCWD promotes the concept of knowledge societies that are inclusive, pluralistic, equitable, open and participatory”.Dr. Bashir further noted that over 27 million Nigerians were in 2020 reported to be living with some form of disability and called for support to integrate this significant group back to the society so that they can build practical life skills that will enhance independence and provide path to recovery for those who feel isolated.
Delivering her speech at the event, the Hon.Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline K.Tallen who was represented by the permanent secretary of the Ministry, Engr. FunshoAdebiyi stated that training and empowerment of persons with disability is in line with the UN convention on the Rights of persons with disability with key focus on ICT. According to her,”as a ministry saddled with the responsibility of training and empowerment of women, we will continue to encourage the youths and women, who forms more that 70% of the nation’s population in order to harness the power of ICT so they can substantively participate in and benefit from information revolution taking place across the country”, she concluded.
Earlier in his overview, the Director in charge of ICT department, Mr. Morrison Udobong stated that it is a common knowledge that disabilities of all forms and cultural practices tend to limit women but with knowledge gained from ICT, they will be helped to overcome these challenges. He therefore reiterated that increasing access to information and support, training and Empowerment, connectivity, accessibility and investment in ICT sector will help in the reduction of Gender Based Violence and position the country on the path for greatness.
Other guests at the event which includes therepresentative of the country Director of African Development Bank, Ann Mukudi, President, FCT chapter, National Association for the blinds-Mr. Jacob Agada and President, FCT chapter, Nigerian Women in information technology-Mrs.Dije Umar all gave their good will messages commending the DG for such a laudable training.
Each participant was gifted with a brand new laptop, certificate of participation and a financial stipend for transportation.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 18/8/2021

The Director- General, National Centre for Women Development, Dr. Hon. Asabe Vilita Bashir has assured that NCWD is fully committed to girl child access to digital literacy in order to bridge the digital divide with the support of our strategic partners. She gave this assurance today as the Centre joins the rest of the world to commemorate the 2021 international day of the girl child at Maryam Babangida auditorium located in the Centre. The theme is“DIGITAL GENERATION,OUR GENERATION;not without our girls”.
Dr. Bashir stated that this year’s theme is very apt, timely and appropriate considering that it is no longer news that the girl child has continued to face challenges in many countries of the world despite the efforts of many national and international organizations in ameliorating these challenges. Further, these challenges has been heightened tremendously by the covid-19 pandemic in diverse ways ranging from educational discrimination to being hired out as domestic helps and end up as baby factories, abused sexually and forced into early marriages, trafficked, rape and exposed to many other forms of violence. She stated that it was in recognition of these forms of gender inequality faced by girl child that prompted the observance of an international day of the girl child declared by the United Nations in support of more opportunities for girl child and an increased awareness of gender inequalities faced by girls.
The NCWD Boss reiterated that the 2021 commemoration is a clear manifestation of public-private partnership in realization of all inclusive policies of President Muhammed Buhari’s administration as a sure way to growth and development of our economy that focuses on improving access to digital literacy skills, adolescent girls’ transition to secondary education in Nigeria
Thankfully, she said that the collaboration with UNICEF, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Federal Ministry of Education,FCDO, MNEC,UBEC,SIMBA and other stakeholders have culminated in activities that have spanned together for four days such as the ministerial breakfast with adolescent girls, the joint ministerial press briefing, girl camp for digital literacy and life skills and girls take over governance session to commemorate the 2021 IDGC.
Delivering her remarks, the Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen stated that this year’s commemoration of the international day of the girl child is a wakeup call expected of all stakeholders towards the need to inspire and provide the needed opportunities for the young girls to focus and learn more about the exciting world of technology as one of the most powerful tools for empowering girl child into the next world. In the same vein, the acting Minister of Women Affairs, Miss Nana Firdausi Bashir from Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state stated that data available has shown that girls enrolment and transition have continued to be jeopardized by series of factors like gender based violence and enrolment of girls are likely to drop before completion of their secondary education when compared to their boys counterpart.
Finally, she called on well-meaning Nigerians to join forces together to address the issues of girl child education, child marriage, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking and removal of children from the street
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 18/8/2021

The new Permanent Secretary posted to the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Engr. Adebiyi Olusesan Olufunso on Wednesday paid a one -day working visit to the National Center for Women Development.
The Director –General of the Center, Hon. Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir who was joined by the management staff to welcome the august visitor stated that the visit is very apt as the only parastatal of the ministry which is under- going the processes for the effective re-structuring, re positioning and re-branding of all in one monumental Centre.
The NCWD boss was elated for the visit and thankful to the Permanent Secretary for finding it very worthy out of his tight schedule to pay a working visit to the Centre and assured him that the vision and mission of the Centre that bothers on the promotion of gender equity and sustainable development through research, databank, training, documentation, advocacy and empowerment of Nigerian women will be uppermost during her tenure.
In his response, the permanent secretary Engr. Adebiyi Olufunso commended the Director-General for her sterling leadership style and assured that synergising with the staff will ensure that the mandate of the Centre will be achieved.
Thereafter Engr. Olufunso and his entourage were taken round the facilities in the Centre including the Nigerian Women Hall of Fame before departing.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 18/8/2021

The Director-General, National Centre for Women Development, Hon. Dr Asabe Vilita Bashir has stated that it was the collective support from her family members especially the husband and the community that spurred her into vying for elective positions.
She made this statement recently in her office when she received in audience the Aspire Women Forum (AWF) led by Barrister Zainab Marwa Abubakar who were on a courtesy visit to the distinguished lawmaker.
The DG, who was delighted to receive them, assured that her office is open for mentorship of Nigerian young girls who are desirous of joining the political murky waters but urging them to maintain a high level of integrity so as to stay a top of temptations associated with Nigerian political terrain.
The NCWD boss who had an interactive session with the group, charged them to keep a close contact with their grass root communities and reiterated that they must be ready to support the grass root at all levels in their quest for elective positions.
Earlier on, the leader of the group, ASPIRE WOMEN FORUM, Barrister Zainab Marwa Abubakar thanked the DG for receiving and giving them the audience to speak with her. She assured her that the forum is readily available to inspire Nigerian young girls and call on the DG to join forces with them in ensuring that Nigerian women take their pride of place in the political class.
Thereafter, the DG was inducted and decorated by the Forum with their sash as a member.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit
Date: 17/8/2021

In accordance with the vision of the Director – General, NCWD, Dr.AsabeVilita Bashir of restructuring, repositioning and rebranding the Centre for the good of Nigerian women, the National Centre for Women Development has re- commissioned a day care centre named, Dr. Aisha Buhari NCWD DayCare Centre in honour of the First Lady to assist the Nigerian women/mothers’employability, empowerment and wellbeing in enhancing their contributions to national and child care developments.
Giving this assurance recently at the Centre’s premises during the re-commissioningceremony of Dr. Aisha Buhari NCWD Day Care Centre, the Director-General (NCWD) Hon.Dr.AsabeVilita Bashir said that the Day Care Centre will act as a support service to Nigerian working mothers and their children in providing an enabling environment for the women in productive age bracket to achieve their maximum output. Reiterating her resolve in giving Nigerian women the best, the NCWD Boss stated that Dr.AishaBuhari Day Care Centre will serve as a unique home away from home for children and provide social services to working mothersas well as encourage exclusive breast feeding.
She further charged the Nigerian women to utilize the Centre as it serves as the training ground for pre-schooling of the children using the curriculum of early childhood education from 3months to 3 years with a ratio of 4 to 1 caregiver. Dr Bashir further disclosed that it will provide an opportunity for detecting the learning needs, handicap, giftedness and health needs of the children. She assured that caregivers will undergo medical test before being engaged to work with the children.
In ensuring aconducive ambience of the Day Care Centre, the Director General emphasized that the Centre is equipped with various state of the art equipment to respond to the early stimulation of infants and toddlers between ages three months to three years in response to the various needs of the working class mothers to enable them concentrate in their productive work/businesses. Further, she stated that the Centre has CCTV camera monitors to monitor and address prevailing issues of maltreatment and harassment noticeable from care givers.
In strict adherence to covid-19 protocol, the Centre introduced a small clinic with a doctor and nurse to act as first respondent to the possible health challenges among the children.
Delivering her keynote address, the Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Paulline K. Tallen said that today’s event coincided with the commemoration of the world breastfeeding day and called on all stakeholders at all levels to redouble their efforts in promoting exclusive breast feeding which is one of the smarter investments a country can make.
The Minister therefore asked that a minute silence be observed for all Nigerian women who lost their lives during child births and did not have the opportunity to enjoy the joy of breast feeding as well as those children who did not have the opportunity to be breast fed as they were lost at birth.
According to her, “the world breast feeding week dates back to 1992 and coincided with the peak of advocacy around women issues and concernsduring the better life for rural women program birthed under the late Dr.MaryanBabangida”. Dame Tallen reiterated that it was this reinforcement of the need for proper bonding between the mother and child, that 6months exclusive breast feeding before the gradual introduction of water and other forms of complimentary feeding necessitated the commissioning of this Centre.
Speaking at the event as a Special Guest, the First Lady, Dr Aisha Buhari ably represented bythe wife of the Vice President, Mrs DolapoOsinbajocommended the Director General, Dr.AsabeVilita Bashir for achieving this great feat within a short time and assured that the administration of President Mohammed Buhari will continue to provide enabling environment for the implementation of the National Gender Policy and Child Rights Act in line with the international treaties and conventions relating to women and children. According to her, “these will led to improvement in National primary social and economic out comes through the provision of a standard day care services”.
Further, she assured that a standard day care services will improve Nigerian women’s economic status, empowerment and children’s educational attainment while the primary health outcomes of the day care will improve women’s mental health as well as children’s nutritional status.
Thereafter, Mrs Osinbajo was joined by the Hon. Minister of Women Affairs Dame Pauline k.Tallen, the Director – General, Dr Bashir, NCWD Governing Council members present, former DGs and other invited guests to re- commission the Day Care Centre even as they also joined her in cutting the Event Cake.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

The programme was organized to provide an enabling environment for officers of the force to understand their roles and responsibilities in the realization of the goal of the Gender policy in their respective sectors, while ensuring that they are able to compete favorably with their counterparts at the global level.
The Director General NCWD Hon. Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir commended the efforts of the Collaborating partner at the closing ceremony; she added that, the Programme will provide the officers in the security sectors with in-depth knowledge in addressing gender issues and concerns in the security sector.
Earlier the Gender Advisor, Brigadier General Christiana Thomas, Defense Headquarters and AIG Aisha Baju Police Headquarters called on participants at the 5 day training, to effectively utilize skilled learned, as their requisite ingredient of gender issues and concerns as capsulated in various international and national instruments. They assured the organizers and the facilitators of the training that, they will ensure that the gender desk officers in the security sector definitely put what they have learned into practice.
A total of 40 security personnel made up of men and women, which includes personnel of Nigerian Navy, Civil Defence, Federal Road Safety, Civil Defense, NDLEA, DSS, DIA, Defence College and Foreign Affairs participated at the training.
Certificates were presented to the officers who participated at the Programme.

Abdul’aziz Musa
S.A to DG National Centre for women Development

The National Centre for Women Development equips over100 Nigerian teenage girls of 13-19 years with ICT skills to develop in them the desired confidence necessary to pursue life changing careers in ICT, science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
The empowerment is in partnership with NOBLETEENS AFRICA AND NIGERIA COMMUNICATION COMMISSION in commemoration of 2021 International day of girls in ICT. This public-private partnership was in realization of all inclusive policies of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as a sure way to growth and development of our economy.
Declaring the 3 days annual event open at the ICT department in the Centre recently, the Director-General, Hon. Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir said that the essence of commemorating the international day of girls in ICT is to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to take up careers in the growing fields of ICT.
Reiterating the usefulness of ICT in today’s world, the NCWD boss noted that information and communication technology (ICT) drives growth and innovation worldwide with powers to infiltrate all aspects of human lives. According to her, “developing the requisite capacities of girls/women through programmes like this, will help in bridging the digital gap and provide an avenue for the country to fully utilize the potentials of the other half of the population which are made up of girls, women and youths”, she asserted.
Noted with great enthusiasm, Dr. Bashir stated that greater access to formal and informal education through ICT makes it possible that every day is Girls in ICT day which is being celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April every year with an opportunity to recognize the achievements of girls and women in ICT with an antecedent economic and social benefits attached to it.
Further, she tasked the young girls/women to leverage on the transformative powers of ICTs by cultivating the skill set needed to reduce youth unemployment and promote social and economic development in Nigeria. According to her,” for this to happen, school connectivity, early digital literacy skills and ICT enabled opportunities for youths especially young girls need to be encouraged in other to prepare them for careers in ICT,” she stated.
In her remarks as a special guest, the Ambassador, permanent delegate to UNESCO, Dr. Hajo Sani stated that women account for less that 30% in science subjects and profession, as such there are a number of efforts at all levels to address the shortfall.
Dr. Sani reemphasize that gender equality as one of the two UNESCO’s global priorities cut across entire sectorial works including education and literacy. According to her, “for digital literacy, particularly. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for women and girls, as attempt to bridge the gender gap in this domain is being focused in the education and science sectors, “she noted.
Thankfully, the publisher of Nobleteens Africa Magazine, Madam Princess Iphie was grateful to DG, NCWD for the partnership and assured her that the selection process to the great finale on Friday 16th July will be as transparent as possible in order to encourage patronage subsequently.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

The Director General of the National Center for Women Development NCWD, Hon Dr Asabe Vilita Bashir in a group photo with the Hon Minister of the FCT, and the Permanent Secretary after a courtesy visit to the Hon. Minister by the DG.
Hon. Dr Asabe Bashir who was accompanied on the visit by the management staff of the Center disclosed that they had come on the visit to pay homage to the Hon. Minister identifying him as a true 'He for She' requesting that he use his good office to support the Center in critical areas of it's mandate. She identified them as construction of both a recreation park for women / children as well as a technical laboratory for women to enhance the training and empowerment programs for women by the Center amongst others to which the Hon. Minister assured of the cooperation of his professionals especially the FCT Social Development Secretariat in ensuring that the pride of women, the NCWD is given the needed assistance to deliver on its mandate.
Meanwhile, earlier in her office in another occasion, the DG was also honored by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria led by its National Vice President. The Council is a coalition of northern youths from the nineteen states in the northern part of the country.
The group who also presented an award to the DG said it was based on her exemplary leadership qualities over the years urging her not to relent but to ensure that she remains focused in promoting the welfare of Nigerian women in a peaceful united Nigeria.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

President Muhammadu Buhari recently inaugurated a National Steering Committee (NSC) of the National Poverty Reduction with growth to lift 100million Nigerians out of poverty in 10years with a well-researched framework for its implementation and funding.
Expressing his confidence, the president reiterated that NPRGs will address the underlying causes of poverty on the basis of which it developed programmes that will deal with the multi-dimensional nature of poverty in Nigeria.
He noted that the responsibility of lifting 100million Nigerians out of poverty in or under10years is an onerous task but express his determination that the set up committee will be able to lay a good foundation to tackle the poverty.
However, poverty is one of the biggest causes of vulnerability among Nigerian women since they lack the requisite skills in raising women’s status economically and generate income in order to help them provide for their families. This lack of vocational skills stifle their chances of contributing meaningfully to their immediate families and to our Gross Domestic Product.
Keying into the mandate of the present administration, the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), under the leadership of a hardworking, extraordinary Director-General Hon.Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir whose giant strides and courage in setting the wheels of skills acquisition has ensured that women acquire the necessary skills that will enable them contribute meaningfully.
The Centre in the past weeks has remained a skill acquisition hub for Nigerian women where trainings and empowerment of women across the six geopolitical zones of the federation have been engaged in various skills like tailoring and catering as part of its post Covid- 19 innovation and empowerment trainings. This project is on - going in over eighteen states through-out the federation where nearly five thousand Nigerian women are being equipped with requisite skills and start up.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

The Director General National Centre for Women Development Hon. Dr Asabe Villita Bashir has pledged to restore the cordiality between the Centre and the National Assembly. The DG made this avowal today, Thursday 11th of June, 2021 in her office during an oversight function visit by the Senate Committee on Women Affairs.
In her brief remarks, Hon. Dr Bashir reiterated that the Centre under her watch will create enabling environment for the Senate Committee and the Centre for Women Development. She assures that no stone will be left unturned as she will connect every possible avenue to have a good working relationship with NASS.
Further in her address, the DG regretted that the Centre has retrogressed both in its functions and reach outs and appealed for a better Appropriation from the National Assembly in the 2021 budget which she believes will uplift the face of the Centre and take it back to its glory days and to a better empowerment of Nigerian women.
The NCWD boss in addition, enjoined the Management and Staff to endeavor at all times accord the Senate Committee the cooperation needed in actualizing the blue prints of the Director-General.
Earlier in her speech, the Senate Committee Chairman on Women Affairs Distinguished Senator Betty Apiafi stated that the delegation was at the Centre in accordance with the laws charging Senate Committees with the responsibilities of over sighting the functions and spending of all the MDA’s hence our visit to do just that for the 2019/ 20 performance and spending of NCWD.
Senator Apiafi further advised the Centre to improve on their usual training pattern and focus more on women at the grass-root level with a longer time frame of six months or even a year for a more positive impart.
She however, urged the Centre to always work within the confines of the approved budget. The committee members were conducted round the facilities in the Centre by the Director General for on the ground assessment of their status.
The committee members have since departed the Centre after the tour.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

In a bid to motivate the Staff of National Center for Women Development to greater productivity, the Director General National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) Hon. Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir commissions the Staff Cafeteria of the Centre. The DG performed this uncommon feat on Tuesday 9th of June, 2021.
During the ceremony Hon. Dr. Asabe emphasized that Staff welfare is the primary focus of her administration, and urged members of the Staff to see the Cafeteria not only as a lunchroom but, also a leeway to unwinding and relaxations. She further reiterated that a relaxed mind is a healthy mind, and that the Cafeteria will serve as a unique vehicle towards greater productivity.
Finally, the DG charged the Managers of the Cafeteria to make sure that they always observe the widely accepted standards while discharging their duties.
In attendance were the Directors and staff of the Center.
Judith Ogbogu
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit

Observed on May 28, to acknowledge that 28 days is the average length of the menstrual cycle, World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 aims to create awareness and change negative perceptions around menstrual hygiene. It was initiated by a German-based NGO WASH United in 2014. The theme for this year is: “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.”
The DG Hon (Dr) Asaba Vilita Bashir and staff of NCWD marked the day with students of Queen Amina College , Kaduna State.

It is my singular honour and privilege to welcome my amiable sister, partner in progress and friend,Your Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State Dr.Hadiza S. Balarabe, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, to this Training of Trainers Session for the implementation of the Post Covid 19 Sensitization Training for Innovation and Empowerment.
2. As we are all aware the Covid 19 Pandemic had, and is still having, a lot of negative impacton lives and livelihood, especially those of women and girls, as it spiked gender based violence. As a result, there was increased reportage of gender based violence and loss of source of revenue.
3. The National Centre for Women Development in line with its mandate;is committed and determined to continue sensitization and empowerment of Women and Youths with skills that are appropriate to address the negative impact of the covid-19 pandemic. This project is to be implemented through quick wins training to facilitate the improvement of the livelihood of men/women, boys and girls,while contributing to the implementation of Mr. President’s Agenda of bringing 100 Million Nigerians out of poverty and reducing the impact of covid-19 on women and youths in Nigeria.
4. To achieve the aforementioned, the Centre is embarking on a sensitization drive on Covid-19 protocols, training and empowerment of Womenacross the six geopolitical zones of the Federation with various skills as part of its Post-Covid empowerment project. The 18 states involved in the trainings are Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, FCT, Kwara, Plateau, kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Adamawa, Borno and Gombe States.
5. Therefore, we are here today to train all field officers on what is required of them to achieve the set goals in the 18 states. Consequently, I urge you all to give your full attention to this TOT in order to be fully prepared and to sustain the confidence repose on you as trainers and in the Centre by the Federal Government to implement this project. As you are aware you all have been specially selected to train others, please ensure that the project is implemented effectively and efficiently in all the states.
6. I wish to inform you that the final outcome of this process will enrich the implementation of the project in each selected state. On this note I wish to invite you to feel free and make useful contributions to this forum, I promise your comments will be taken into consideration as part of our preparatory process.
7. We thank the Federal Government of Nigeria for giving the Centre the opportunity to ensure women and girls are empowered economically and contribute their quota to Sustainable National Development.
8. Thank you and God Bless.


The Director General of the National Center for Women Development, NCWD, Hon Dr Asabe Vilita Bashir receiving the Certificate of Honor by the President of the Senate, distinguished Senator Dr. Ahmed Lawan, CON on the occasion of the book launch and celebrating women in politics event held at the Sheraton hotel, Abuja.
It was a book written by Dr (Mrs) Mairo Ahmed Amshi, MFR, a seasoned academician and indigene of Yobe State.
Meanwhile, earlier on in a separate event, the DG, Hon. Dr. (Mrs) Asabe Bashir received in audience members of the Gender Support for Women Emancipation & Development who was in her office to congratulate her on her appointment as the DG/ CEO of NCWD by President Muhammadu Buhari. The group who informed the NCWD boss of their forthcoming Nigeria Women Prayer Summit, used the occasion of the visit to extend an invitation to her though no date has been fixed.
Dr Bashir who received them in company of the management staff of the Center, thanked them for coming while commending them for organizing such a prayer summit describing it as timely.
She urged them to give her administration the necessary support even as she assured them of her cooperation and participation for the summit.

Judith ogbogu
Head, Press & Public Relations
Friday, 21st May, 2021.

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